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When the car tire is full of gas, the outer edge of the tire will fit snugly against the hub flange to prevent gas leakage inside the tire. If the hub flange is impact-deformed, it will affect its tightness with the outer edge of the tire, causing the tire to leak. Therefore, in the daily use of the car, care should be taken to avoid collision with the hub to prevent deformation of the hub. The wheel flange of the car is severely deformed and can be found with the naked eye. If you can not see it, it means that the deformation is not obvious. You need to remove the wheel first, and sprinkle water on the joint between the tire and the hub. If the bubble is generated, it means that the part is the place where the tire leaks. If the deformation of the wheel hub is not repaired in time, it will cause more serious damage - the hub is broken. The rupture of the wheel hub will cause the gas inside the gas tire to leak from the crack and become a hidden danger of tire rupture. When this happens, be sure to replace the new tires in time, because the risk of tire rupture is very high, threatening the personal safety.
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